Dear erWin Customer,

During the time between 20.01.2022 and 20.01.2022 between 16:15 and 16:25 (UTC-0) erWin is not available due to maintenance work/ system modifications.

please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

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The features offered by erWin and how to use them.

Vehicle-specific documents

When you select the menu item "Vehicle-specific information - Vehicle identification" you are prompted to enter a valid vehicle identification number (VIN).

As a result, all important vehicle data such as model, model year, engine code etc. are displayed.

You can then call up all the information relevant to repair of the respective vehicle.

Specifically these are technical product information, work items, repair manuals, circuit diagrams, bodywork repairs, proper maintenance, emissions test and maintenance tables.

Please note that you can only view the content of the documents with a valid flat rate.

Repair information in PDF format

The repair information in PDF format provides you with electronic repair and workshop information (not available in all languages). erWin provides you with the following documents ordered by model, model year, reference medium and main group; these documents are not available under the "Vehicle-specific documents” item:
  • Vehicle-related documents (e.g. workshop manuals and current flow diagrams)
  • Model-related documents (e.g. maintenance manuals and bodywork repair manuals)
You can access detailed information with examples by clicking on the adjacent "Examples" link.

erWin mail articles

Examples of mail articles include CDs and printed media. You can order these articles via the shopping cart. They will then be sent to you at the address saved in your profile.

Workshop equipment

The "Workshop equipment" section provides you with information on how to perform work on Audi vehicles using special factory equipment, special tools and online tools.


All the important information about the flatrate is available here. You can also conclude your individual user contract for the Online Service Information.


In order to enjoy unlimited use of erWin, you must be a registered user of the system. The first time you log on, you will receive a personal password, which, together with your user name, will grant you access to all erWin information which is available free of charge.

Step by step

erWin "Step by step" provides detailed information on how to use the various Audi erWin functions. This will be of particular benefit to first-time users. From registration to ordering articles, erWin introduces you step by step to all topics relating to ordering articles or using them online.

Help, GTB, data protection, imprint

You will find the Help, GTB, data protection and imprint items at the bottom of every erWin page.
erWin help offers information about system requirements and the best display, answers to frequently asked questions and contact addresses for technical information and general enquiries to erWin itself.
Refer to GTB for information about the erWin general terms of business.


The Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service diagnostic software
  • Enables offboard diagnostics to be performed for all Audi-brand vehicles via an SAEJ2534-compliant interface (diagnostic interface).
  • Also offers the option of gaining direct access to selected repair and maintenance information while diagnostic work is ongoing via the diagnostic software.

Password security

Password regulation in the Volkswagen Group has been adapted and is valid for all applications such as Offboard Diagnostic Information System and GeKo.

The following minimum requirements must be met when creating a password:

  • At least 10 characters
  • At least three of the following four character classes: upper-case letters, lower-case letters, numbers, special characters {!@#$%&/=?_.,:;\-}
  • A maximum of two identical consecutive characters

In order to be able to change the password every 90 days, you must log in via the following link:

In order to be able to register, you must proceed via the "Login with Global-UserID" option.


Alongside technical training, Audi also provides an interactive training portal.These offers are not covered by the erWin flat rate.