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Book your original know-how in all issues relating to Audi repair work.

You can determine the period yourself, completely in accordance with your demands:
  • one hour including printing rights (screenshot only)
  • one day including printing rights
  • 7 days including printing rights
  • 30 days including printing rights
  • 365 days including printing rights
The erWin flatrate will secure your access to the Online Service Information at the fixed price.
The benefits are clear to see:
  • Depending on the flatrate you have selected, you may also be able to print out the service online information
  • You always work online with the up-to-date technical data
  • The required information is available rapidly
  • Unlimited use within the time booked

Our service, your security

Before buying a flatrate, you may wish to see how suitable the online service information is. To do so, use the search function and browse through the table of contents to see if the information is of use to you.

Flatrate booking

Payment is made via your credit card and the period of validity begins as soon as the purchase transaction has been completed.If you want to book a flatrate, you can do that here in no time at all. You just have to be registered with erWin and logged on.

erWin supports you in repairing vehicles by providing the necessary documentation. You receive detailed instructions on how a vehicle should be repaired.

Furthermore, erWin offers additional flatrates, each one of which delivers a varying level of functionality. You have the option of selecting this flatrate in line with your needs during a product comparison.

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